Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Stuff and Nonsense

Love is funny, beautiful, warm and... sometimes, painful. You don't want to see anyone you love hurting. It hurts you, sometimes even more than getting hurt yourself. But you can't prevent some things. Some pain is necessary, or at least unavoidable. Change, growth, are both necessary and sometimes painful. You can't wrap someone up in cotton and stick them on the shelf expecting them to always be there, safe and sound. It stifles them, stunts their growth. More to the point, they'll wander off on their own exploring, maybe leaving you behind. It doesn't mean they don't love you. They're just living their lives.

Sometimes I'm too adventurous for my own good. But it's made me who I am. I'm not sorry about it. I've been accused of being an uber nerd, of being absolutely cool, and more often than not of being a pain in the... patooty. I don't plan on getting hurt, but it happens sometimes. But it's worth the risk. Because I want to live, not just exist, LIVE. You can't achieve a dream if you don't dare TO dream. You never get somewhere new without taking that first step into the unknown.

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