Friday, December 24, 2004

Sometimes you need your daily iron(y)

Hi Guys!

Sometimes you need your daily dose of iron(y). Yesterday was a GREAT day. We got the e-mail from the publishing house (see previous post), Cathy got her payment for "on publication" and a box of books from UPS. I rushed home hoping that my payment and books would have arrived as well. WELL, kinda sorta. Cathy got the right check, but a box of the wrong books. I got the right books but, you guessed it, no check. I took her over half of my books. She e-mailed Anna to ask what the heck they want her to do with the box of somebody else's. (Apparently a 2002 bestseller).

I'm HOPING that my check arrives today. If it doesn't, I'll get by. But BOY that sure would be a nice Christmas present. Still, I gotta laugh. We each got half.

On a completely different subject: I'm thinking of joining the Horror Writers' Association. The authors involved are very cool and reputable, and I would like to branch out in that direction. I sent an e-mail inquiring as to whether or not we qualify. We'll have to see.

Oh, and for TODAY's irony: I got my Christmas shopping done. I mailed everything on "the last day that we can guarantee they'll get it by Christmas if you send it priority." (Now understand, I'm known for giving NEW YEAR's presents not Christmas presents, so this was a pretty big deal). Three packages. Two to Illinois, one to Ohio. So now there's this HUGE snowstorm, cuts power all over Ohio, and (you guessed it) the mail isn't going to be getting through on time. My sister and I both decided it was hilarious. (Then again, she may just be looking for something to find funny since her power has been off for a day and a half and will probably still be off until Sunday. But hey, on the good news front, they ran into a friend of theirs who had a spare generator, so they could use it to run the sump pump and get rid of the seven or eight inches of frigid water that had gotten into their basement!) I'm just glad everybody's ok.

Anyway, I'm wishing everyone a VERY Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. If you celebrate other holidays, Merry (insert name of your particular holiday here)! Best wishes to all, and thanks for coming by! (come back soon!)



Anonymous said...

Yea! I was able to get on-line today! I had to tell you that I got the package from Waldenbooks in Texas today, yea! Thanks for the great autograpghs, they are going to make great gifts. I am giving one away today, two away tomorrow and one away on Sunday, then I have one for Mexico (yea!), one for a Friend fro Mardi Gras and two left over (I already have a friend from Illinois who put "dibbbs" on one of the copies (the Friend I went to the mall with the other day). I'll let you know what happens. I do know that I'll be ordering 8 copies of "Moon's WEb fopr Christmas gifts next year. Question, is "Moon's Web" a "stand alone," where you don't have to have read "Hunter's Moon?"

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

That is so bizarre. You finally get your books and it all comes in half doses! I hope that the publisher gets it all sorted out for you soon...

I've often wondered about the HWA myself. But once again, do you have to be American or can you be from anywhere in the world?

Anyway, hoping you have a WONDERFUL X-MAS. It's already Christmas day here and my daughter's swamped with presents... I think she's having a hard time figuring out what to play with first! ;)

See Ya,
Yolanda... :)