Thursday, December 23, 2004

OHHHH my aching head. :)

The only problem with throwing parties is the inevitable overindulgence. (Wicked grin)

Hi guys! Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday for the party. I feel much better now.

Hope everybody is ready for the holidays because they've arrived. I'm actually feeling kind of festive after yesterday's silliness. This is good because my mood has been all over the place lately.

Cathy and I are going to be talking to the agent (for sure) and editor (possibly) about the future direction of the Sazi books. We'll see what we find out. I'm hopeful. In the meantime I'm going ahead and getting started writing just to get "back in the saddle." When I'm angry, frustrated and/or depressed I have a really hard time writing, so some of the things in my personal life have kind of gotten in the way of my creativity. I'm crossing my fingers that I'm past it.

One of the things that we're hoping to do is set two separate Sazi books in approximately the same time frame. THAT is tricky. I can't have Lucas HERE if at the same time she has him THERE. I mean, he's good, but he ain't THAT good. But we'll both be working in the same world again, which means much richer discussions and less crankiness for all parties. (Oh hell, I'll be honest. I'M generally the one that gets cranky. Don't mean to. But I just DO.)

So we're moving forward in a good direction. (I think). I just hope that the agent and publisher agree. (Keeping toes crossed. Fingers are for typing.)

ANYWAY, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and are not TOO hung over from all the virtual champagne. ;)


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Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Gee, that sounds interesting. Two separate books in the same time frame? Woah, can't wait to read that! ;)

Writing's a funny thing, isn't it? Sometimes there are certain other 'things' that can draw our creativity away, and right now I think it's the season for distractions isn't it? Can't wait to read about your progress in your next book project on the blog. Of course we won't get in-depth info, but that's okay. I just love reading about the behind-the-scenes overall process each writer has!

Anyway, I'm really enjoying HUNTER'S MOON and I'm only at the beginning!


See Ya,
Yolanda... :)