Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Happy happy joy joy!!!!

Lots of good news today.

Let's see. We were nominated for a PEARL (Paranormal Excellence Award in Romance Literature) which is a reader's award, under Best New Author. Seriously COOL!

THEN we received back one of the advance reviews we sent out for Moon's Web AND IT GOT A PERFECT 10! They said we can use it for publicity as we like AND it nominates us automatically for their award for Best Book of 2005.



Anonymous said...

Holy moly, a perfect 10! You can't ask for any better that that!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! You just more good news after good news, awesome!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

That's so AWESOME Cie!

I love that there's good news after good news for you - I just CAN'T wait to read the book myself! ;)

CONGRATS on the "10".

Thanks for sharing the good news with us. And Congrats again!

Howdy Jim, how you doing?

Oh, and Cie I hope that you're feeling better now...