Thursday, March 24, 2005


Hi Guys!

Eric, good to hear from you. Not time to panic yet. I still have time to find it and fax the stuff to the accountant. Now if we get close to April 10 or something, then PANIC -- although even then I could file for an extension. Still, I want to get it out of the way.

All right, checked with my son to see which television character he thought I'd be. His vote was for Abbie Bartlett on The West Wing. Not sure how to take that. I think I'm flattered... sort of.

Had a terrible nightmare last night. Took me a while to shake it off when I woke up this morning. Still trying to figure out the meaning. My nightmares (like many peoples) are usually cryptic warnings about things going on in my life. But this one was hideous and I don't know "where to put it." Ah well, if I don't figure it out there'll be another one tonight (and the next and the next) until I get one that will be just different enough to "make sense" so I can "fix" the problem. My sub/un conscious is nothing if not persistent.

Anyway, hope you will all stop by again soon. Tell me what television character you are if you feel the impulse. I'm curious about you guys.

OOPS -- ALMOST FORGOT -- We're doing a signing in San Antonio on Saturday. Details are on the website. Hope some of you can attend. (Alas, I'm fairly sure that Yo won't fly up from Australia [sigh]). Hope you can come.



Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Wish I could fly over! :(

Good luck with gettng the tax stuff done before April 10. Our financial year runs from 1 July through to 30 June, so our cut off for taxes is the end of October, and we don't get all our relevant paperwork until July! It's so funny how different our two countries are, yet how much alike they are at the same time.

Um, TV show character - I have no idea, I've never thought about it... I'll see if I can come up with something!

Nightmares are strange, aren't they? Usually I only remember my nightmares! Makes me wonder if I have any 'good' dreams while asleep.

Hope you figure yours out soon so it stops hounding you at night.

Have a GREAT day Cie!

David Tellez said...


NO! I meant I'm "ERIC" from That 70's Show! I took the quiz too, and I ended up being that "pansy in jeans." LOL...

And I've been having nightmares too. Like I'm talking to people, and then all of a sudden, all my teeth fall out.

Remember those beer commercials where the guy would drink nasty beer and his face would scrunch up and everybody would go "EWWW!"?

That's who I look like! Yeah. I have no idea what that means, but I am freakin' out cuz that is just not right. If you do find out what your dream means...can you please find out what mine means too? K? K...