Friday, March 25, 2005

Friday Again

Friday Again. Haven't accomplished much writing. HOWEVER, my son has to work today all day and I only work half a day. This means I will have the house and the computer room all to myself for HOURS AND HOURS. This also means that I will (WHOO HOO) actually be able to write the romantic tension and sexual scenes that are impossible to do when I'm getting interrupted repeatedly. Believe me when I tell you the characters are going to be SOOOOOO relieved. Raphael's been wearing nothing but a towel for nearly a week!

Was looking for a scene from an old version of a novel that we're raiding for Captive Moon (the Sazi book tht Cathy's working on). It was in one of the drafts of a book that will probably never see the light of day. What was cool was that I as I was scanning for the scene I got completely caught up in the story. Usually I'm incredibly critical of my own writing, but it had been long enough that I was able to read it as if it was somebody else's work. It's very encouraging to me. Made me feel like I may actually be OK at this stuff and that other people may like my work too.

Big signing tomorrow. I'm happy about that. Easter this weekend. Happy holiday to those of you who celebrate it.

Well, gotta run. Everybody have a good weekend.



David Tellez said...

Ok, already I read about the towel part and my interest is leaked! I mean peaked! LOL...

And where is your book signing? Any tour-de-books to Tucson, soon?

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hope you get the scene done Cie!

I'm really glad you enjoyed reading your own story, that's a wonderful experience because we're usually too filled with self-doubt to enjoy them.

Have a WONDERFUL EASTER weekend...

Catcha Later.