Friday, March 04, 2005

Bon Giorno

Bon Giorno! Welcome to my Friday.

The week has absolutely flown, but in a good way. The contracts are on their way (YIPPEEE). The schedule for the books for 2006 has shifted a little. (March instead of January, etc.) They were going to change the Christmas book at first, but since it's being written as a Christmas book and is in process they changed their minds.

In case it hasn't been obvious to those of you who stop in here, I'm relatively insecure about my writing. Aw hell, no relatively about it. I'm insecure. I love my stories, but.... ANYWAY, yesterday I got shown something that made me feel like I actually MIGHT have some talent and that if we make it, it won't JUST be because of my esteemed co-author. AND that we actually, really, truly just might make it big. My son, sweet loving creature that he is, gave me this completely disgusted look and said "DUH!" Gotta love the kid.

Edits going back today on Moon's Web. Edits on the vampire book (Touch of Evil, affectionately referred to as "TOE" or "Kate") should be arriving around the end of the month. Going to be VERY busy, but it's good busy.

Well, I've got to scan the computer and get all the stuff that has to get done before the weekend done.

In the meantime -- Yo, glad the renovations went well and CONGRATS ON LOSING THE JOB YOU HATED!!! Plan to read more of your stuff this weekend. I'm printing it out and taking it home.

Jim -- glad you're starting to get better. Take care of yourself and give your Dad my well-wishes.

Everybody have a wonderful weekend.

Gotta run.




Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Cie!

I agree, the week's gone real quick! I'm so glad that things are going so great for you, especially writing-wise!

Thanks, it felt great to hand in the resignation letter on Thursday! YAY! YIPEEEEEE! Only 3 weeks to go and I'm outta there...

Hey Jim!

Have a GREAT weekend, both of you.


Robin Gorrell said...

Just wanted to decloak for a second to say hello and congrats on all the recent good news. As to the insecurities about I always say, a writer having neuroses is about as common as a writer having toenails. Anywhaaay, I always find your posts amusing, especially about your writing partner/dynamic. I've recently paired with a writing partner myself and we're still settling on a process we can live with. Any tips? Continued good luck and I thoroughly enjoyed Hunter's Moon.