Thursday, March 03, 2005

Life's Been Good

Life's good. Very good. I get impatient and frustrated because things don't always move on my schedule and under my control. Thank God they don't really. Things ALWAYS work out better when I can relax a bit and let them take their natural course. But I have control issues.

Hunter's Moon is doing well. Moon's Web is doing well. James is doing well. I need to relax a bit. Things need to develop in their own way.

Gotta run, busy day at work today.


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Anonymous said...

Yeah, my advice is just to relax and take things as they come, as many, many, many things in life are beyond our control, just know that and deal with things as they come, and always cherish the good things and enjoy them most. Control is good, but completely unattainable, so just try to relax and do the best you can, and you'll know you succeeded.

Yolanda, I'm doing better, I'm feeling better (though still sick). My Dad is still in a lot of pain (he overexerted himself this week when he was at doctor and hospital visits). He'll be o.k. in a few more weeks I bet.