Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Laughter is Curative.

Laughter is curative. They've actually done studies that show it promotes healing and helps (in some cases) remission in some cancers. (And no, I can't cite the studies any more, but I DID read it several years ago). I believe it. And even if it didn't, doesn't it just make life that much better!?

I had a friend in high school who loved coming over to my house because my family LAUGHED, all the time. We were/are nuts. God is sacred, everything else is fair game. She admitted that her family were all VERY SERIOUS. When I visited their hous there were esoteric (but extremely interesting) and learned discussions... but they never seemed to be having fun. I like intellectual discussions. But I would miss laughter. I'd miss smart-ass comments that weren't at anybody's expense. I don't like jokes that have somebody at the butt. I don't like insults that are "half joking." Anything that is hurtful -- not for me. But life has SOOOOO much humor that isn't hurtful.

So, the next time I'm sick and tired I'm thinking I'll pull out the old "Young Frankenstein" disk, or "Dave" or maybe "The January Man" or "Danger Mouse" and go for a good laugh. Even if it doesn't make me healthy, I bet I'll feel better.



Anonymous said...

Laughing is definitely "good medicine," life is tough, so I definitely appreciate fun times way more. I also like when there can be "comic relief" to a bad situation.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

I totally agree! Laughter is TERRIFIC and it lifts your spirits and the way you feel inside instantly.



Have a GREAT day Cie and Jim!