Monday, March 21, 2005



Due to technical difficulties and general life nuttiness, I have been unable to post (or do a number of other things) over the past few days. I would like to flatter myself that you missed me. Perhaps you didn't, but please don't say so. I'm so sensitive!

Seriously, hope you all had a TERRIFIC St. Patrick's Day. (Jim, it sounds like you did for certain! Hope your Dad is feeling OK and didn't overdo).

A note to the wise. It is impossible to write critical sexual tension scenes (a) when you are home with a child (even an adult child); (b) when you are at work. Both for the same reason -- EWWWWW. You cannot get wonderful erotic thoughts going through your characters heads when someone is complaining about the litter box, wondering what you want for dinner and whether you want them to throw some of your laundry in with theirs so they have a full load.

Now don't get me wrong -- It's ABSOLUTELY appreciated that my son cooks and does laundry. But the interruptions do not help my concentration. (Or my disposition either.)

I read some humorist's writing (don't remember who, sorry) about how children have radar about their parents sexuality. That this radar is the cause of the lack of intimacy in marriages with small children because somehow the kids just KNOW and wake up and interrupt. I have also heard teenagers complain about their parents' radar, so perhaps it is innate. I don't know. I do know that it wasn't radar for my great aunt. Great aunt had a big mirror she placed in the hallway of her house. It had "always" been in the same place. When her daughters were teenagers they wondered how she always "knew" when they were "in a clinch" on the couch with their boyfriends after mom was in bed and how she interrupted them before things got very far. Well... truth came out when they were married and adults. The mirror was placed so that she could SEE the couch from her bedroom when she left the door open.

My characters will, no doubt, get to know each other better. But this weekend, they got to meet up with the equivalent of my great aunt, and they were SOOOOO not happy about it. (wink)

Anyway, hope all is well with y'all. Drop me a note if you can. Sorry, haven't made it to the post office yet. (Long boring story -- going to do it today or tomorrow, promise!) Please don't be mad.



Anonymous said...

Your great aunt is hysterical, bravo to her! Yeah, my party was the shizz-nit, it rocked! One of my Friends dressed up and wore a green velvet dress, a tiara with a shamrock on it,carried a septor and wore a sash that read "Miss Ireland" on it, she was hysterical! A few of my other Friends dressed up too. The general manager gave us our own section of the room too. I bought 250 strands of beads for the party and spent about one and a half hours passing them out, I even had people I didn't know coming up from other parts of the restaurant asking me for beads (last year was woay worse that way). For the people who walked over (that I didn 't know), I gave them a strand, but for the people that sent their food servers over to ask for them, I didn't. I brought about 50 strands home for next year's party. It was already decided that I will be throwing another one next year, I gotta call the restaurant this week and make sure it's o.k. by them for next year though, as some of my Friends were a bit "over the top." It was a riot. Hope everyone had a great weekend, I did! I went to a show last night and out afterwards went out to celebrate the vernal equinox.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Cie!

Of course we missed ya!

Great tactics from your great aunt by the way - :)

Nice to hear from you again and I hope that the interuptions don't hold you back too much...

Catch later,