Monday, March 07, 2005

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!

Writing went well this weekend. I've actually made progress! Got about 1/2 of the tax paperwork done - which brings it to manageable size (whoo hoo!). Need to do serious housework, but hey, I'm not Wonder Woman. Even I can only do so much with the time I am given. Didn't get any reading done either, which is a serious bummer. I had Yolanda's stories all ready to read, and I wound up sleeping a bunch. She is at the very top of my "TBR" list (and believe me when I say it's a LOOOOOOOOONG list).

Well, work is going to be a serious bear this week, so I'd best get to it. Please be understanding if I can't check in as much as usual.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Cie,
I understand about being busy and posting, so post when you can, you keep us very updated. I got all my taxes done over the weekend (thanks to my Dad, he loves doing taxes), and I mailed them off this morning already, yea! I do have to clean my place too, I really let it go being sick and all. One of my Parent's Friends passed away over the weekend, we were close (we even called her "Aunt Jackie"), so I'm going to a wake/funeral tomorrow night (which is sad, as she was a very nice lady). Can't believe another weekend flew by, wow, that went fast. Hope all goes good for you this week.