Sunday, March 13, 2005

Happy Weekend

Happy weekend all. The weather here has been beautiful. I've been doing stuff around the house and writing.

I'm at one of the transition points in the story. I hate those. You HAVE to get from point A to point B without being boring. Give people the information, but not orate endlessly, etc. Action scenes - fine; sex scenes (which is just another form of action - fine; transition scenes, pain in the patootie. I think that's one of the reason why so many of the books I read "sag" in the middle. People know how the stories begin, they know how they want them to end, but they can't quite get from the former to the latter. I think that may be one of the differences between good adn great authors. With great authors you don't NOTICE the transition, it's just seamless. Oh, to be able to do that effortlessly. Then again, maybe its not effortless for them either. They may just not talk about it.

Later guys. Back to the grindstone.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Cie,
Glad you're having a good weekend, me too! Just had dinner at my parent"s house. I went to a comic con yesterday. I finished planning out my St. Patrick's Day party this morning. Had a birthday celebration this afternoon, it was a great weekend! Weather here is still cold, but Sunday is the vernal equinox, yea!