Wednesday, March 23, 2005

It's Wednesday

Blogger weirdness doubled the post. I eliminated one, but lost Jim's comment. SORRY.

OK Afternoon now. Feeling a bit better.

Took a Quizilla quiz on "Which That 70s Show Character are you."

As of this afternoon, I, am Hyde. "Dude, you're seriously cool, and seriously ... serious. You've got awesome taste in music, and you're pretty much never seen without your shades. Pulling pranks on your pals is a favorite pastime of yours, but hey, they're so gullible, it's hard to resist. You think you're so tough, but deep down you're really a very sensitive, caring person. Dammit!"

Hmnnn, in reality, what television character would I be.... hmmnnn. All right folks, I'm not sure, so I will SOLICIT YOUR OPINIONS!!!! Hit the comments and let me know your thoughts.

Good Morning.

It's Wednesday. I've beeen being a very good girl and working on my taxes. This has been made much trickier due to the fact that I put all of my important deduction paperwork in a single "safe" place that is now so safe I can't FIND IT! ARGH!!! Cathy gave me a wonderful suggestion for next year -- when you put it away, mark in your Outlook or calendar programs WHERE you put it. Which will be hugely helpful next time, but does me no good at the moment and leaves me going through "secondary sources" (i.e., my old day planner) for clues as to lunches, expenses, etc. This is my own blasted fault. I know it is. Which, of course, only makes me MORE grumpy about it. I just really hate it when I do something stupid.

ANYWAY, I'm going to try to write and make myself feel better. Let's hope it works. I'm not doing anybody any good in the mood I am in now.



Anonymous said...

Cie, you lost my post? Oy, so, I'll have to post agian, ha, ha! Looks like your day is getting better, coolness. Happy Autumn Yolanda! Wednesday is over, yea! The next two days are gonna be rough, but hopefully I can post agin by Saturday.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hope you find all your paperwork Cie! I hate when that happens, I do that a lot - move something or keep it in such a safe spot that not even you can remember where that was! :) I know how you feel, so I hope you locate everything soon.

How you goin' Jim?

Autumn's come with a vengence this year, it's already really chilly. :(

David Tellez said...

I'm Eric. Do you think it's time to start worryin'?